Social Media-merits And Demerits

Social networking sites (i.e. sites like facebook and twitter) have become the integral part of everyone's life. People belong to different age group, race, caste and creed using social media for diverse purposes. If there is something, we are giving much more time, perhaps may be these social sites. Now that every one is captivated by social media and using it for chatting, posting, uploading and downloading the question arises-whether it's useful or harmful? Opinion are divided some says it's useful and handy, there are people not agree to that and considering it detrimental and injurious for individual as well as society. We will discuss the merits and demerits of social media in detail.

Merits of Social Media:

It is a cheap source of communication. If internet connection is available one can easily talk to the others across the world with a very low cost.In business it may be used as the strongest medium of advertisement. Compare to other ways of advertisement it is easy and economical.Employees of the organization are connected to one another. They share their ideas, work and information to one another conveniently.New ways of production, quality enhancement and even price cut back in goods and services are possible by using social media.Students can use it for learning purposes. Academic materials are available and may be discussed with others.Professional like doctors, lawyers and business consultants can use social media for their interaction with clients easily.Global information is at a distance of a click. So one can know about the day today's happening within no time.Finally social media is the best companion, you can't feel alone once you login to sites like facebook or twitter.

Despite all these advantages there are certain disadvantages of social media. The details of which are as:

Its very time consuming. Once you enter these sites then very difficult to get rid off. People want you to be there as long as possible.Sometimes undisclosed information about business leaked through such sites which may affect the business reputation.If working class giving time to social media then the production may be drastically affected because of time wastage.Students sometimes use social media as their problem solver so they say good-bye to self work and depend upon these sites.Confidentiality remains unsafe because hackers can attack anyone's information from any corner of the world.Lost of data is quite possible. People inside or outside, can theft information and can use it for shocking reputation.Society is a whole losing social and moral codes because of difficulty in knowing what type of people using internet for what purposes.Most criminals use social media for their own purposes, so in this respect it is question mark on safety and security too.

After discussing the merits and demerits of social media it's difficult to decide whether it is useful or harmful. However everything in the universe has its positives and negatives. It depends upon us how we are using or perceiving? If we want to use social media in a positive way the merits are incalculable and vice versa if use social media in a negative ways. If something is needed in this regard is, to educate the users, establish certain rules and regulations for using social media and strongly acted upon these rules. By doing so, we can get positive results and can make it useful for everyone. If we have left the users by their own ways, the time is not far away that the global village will no more be a village but war zone.

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